Press Release - Equinox and Comsof

Comsof NV and Equinox International join forces to offer a state-of-theart cost modelling service to Telecom Operators in the Middle East Equinox International has signed an agreement with Comsof NV, a Belgian ICT-company, to represent and promote their products and services in the Middle East. This cooperation will start with the presence of Comsof and Equinox at the IIR-Conference “Telecoms Cost Accounting” in Dubai, 29-31 October 2007.

In the Middle East Region, competition in the Telecom Sector is in full progress. New operators are entering the fixed and mobile market, while existing operators are being confronted with a regulator who wants to set objective and competitive wholesale prices for regulated services. Within this context, all Telecom Operators face the challenging task of building accurate, justifiable and maintainable cost models. Using the proper supporting software platform is a key part to success in this process. Ideally, the software must ensure, no matter how complex the models are, that an optimal management as well as an in-depth reporting of these models can be realised. Obtaining a detailed insight in the cost structure behind the service costs is crucial, not only for regulatory purposes but also for internal purposes such as financial analysis, business
cases and marketing studies.

Since several years, Comsof’s Cost Modelling Platform INCA has been used successfully to fulfil these specific needs in the Telecom Sector. Prof. Paul Lagasse, founder of Comsof and Head of the Department of Information Technology of the Ghent University states,

““Along the years, I have experienced through many contacts with decision-makers from different companies the benefits of working with customised solutions tuned to fulfil their specific requirements. As a small, yet
flexible and specialised software company Comsof’s vision has always been to build such dedicated and tailor-made solutions. A direct link with the technical people behind the software ensures the most efficient way of keeping the software compliant with the customer’s needs.” Prof Lagasse added, “The cooperation with Equinox International facilitates Comsof’s contacts with its customers in the Middle East, not only at the time of deciding on buying the software, but also to enable a smooth technical and sales support afterwards, ensuring a maximal satisfaction of its customers.”

“This addition to our solution suite proves that Equinox is renowned for being the preferred provider of high-end solution providers requiring top notch support and expertise in the Middle East”. Mr. Qadan added, “Equinox has had several success stories with the solutions it represents in the area; not only because we support our vendors but because our clients believe that Equinox is committed to providing and delivering high end solutions to them.”

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