Press Release - Strategic Planning for FTTx Networks

Comsof has always been in the telecom sector, providing consultancy services for operators regarding the planning of networks. From that point of view, we needed a tool that could not only facilitate our work but also improve it at the same time. The idea was born, and the foundations of FiberPlanIT were developed.

Since the beginning of 2012, we also launched the tool as a standalone software. In these few years, more than 10 million homes have been planned for FTTx networks with the FiberPlanIT tool.

Attached is the original press release, showing where we come from.

Successful in-house consulting tool now available as stand-alone software for fiber network investors

Focus on strategic fttx planning

The original focus of FiberPlanIT was improving the strategic planning. For the first time, GIS data of an area can be used to automatically simulate an FTTx rollout - and a bill of material summarizes the costs. This allows users to compare different FTTx design rules on the same area to select the lowest-cost design choice. Or to simulate a FTTx rollout over multiple areas in order to improve the cherry picking process.

Also detailed planning

Since then, the FiberPlanIT tools evolved with the market demand. Customers didn't only want to simulate the network - they wanted to create a detailed to-build plan using the FiberPlanIT tools. An interactive solution was created, allowing the user to manipulate the design to fit the field survey results.

The result: the manual design process was improved by the automated solution, resulting in a faster process and a cost-optimized design.

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