FTTH Webinar: the basics

The FTTH Council Europe presents a webinar that will cover the basics of FTTH. This webinar is free to attend, but you need to register. If you need a refresh of FTTH terminology, then this webinar is probably a good start.

Description: Everyone is talking about FTTH access networks, but do they really know how such a network looks like? What is the real difference between PON and Point-to-Point? Where does a backhaul network end and where does the access network begin? What do technicians mean when they talk about access nodes, feeder cables, concentration points or drop cables?
This webinar will answer those questions by giving a full and detailed introduction about fibre to the home networks. It will include all the information that is necessary to understand how such FTTH networks are structured and what different implementations are possible. You will get a neutral and easy to understand presentation about FTTH – and our experts will be ready to answer your detailed questions in the Question & Answer part of the webinar!

Update - The webinar has ended, but the slides are available for download (attached below). Below is also the screencast of this webinar. More than 600 people were subscribed to follow this webinar. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: this webinar is not related to Comsof.

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