10 million homes planned with FiberPlanIT

Comsof is excited to announce a big milestone for our work related to FTTx. For the celebration of the 10th anniversary of the FTTH Council EU Conference, we reviewed all our projects and we interviewed our customers that use our software to plan FTTx. The result was surprising: more than 10 million homes are planned using the advantages of FiberPlanIT. This is the sum of

  • consultancy for high-level studies
  • consultancy for detailed deployment plans
  • software licenses for the Simulator
  • software licenses for the Designer

    This is just the start...

    10 Million homes is just the beginning. Our product portfolio is becoming stronger than ever, our partnerships are expanding bigger markets, we are integrating with more and more fiber management tools. FiberPlanIT becomes adopted and this is fun! We strongly hope that FTTH keeps growing and we hope that FiberPlanIT can accelarate it.

    Thank you for the confidence, thank you for spreading the word!

    The Comsof Team

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