FTTH Planning Software

Comsof introduces FiberPlanIT, an FTTH Planning Software tool. FiberPlanIT calculates the optimal FTTH network roll-out based on the design rules you define and using your area of interest. The result of FiberPlanIT?

  • A detailed bill of material of all the components used to build your network.
  • Visual representation of the network layout (central office, feeder fibers/ducts, distribution points, distribution fibers/ducts, ...) in GIS format.

FTTH Planning Software

With FiberPlanIT,
- you will know the exact cost of your network instead of using benchmarks based on 'similar' areas.
- you can redefine your design strategy and save in deployment costs by simulating different scenarios in detail. You will be able to see the impact of your design rules using the bill of material and the GIS representation of the layout.
- you can investigate different roll-out strategies and increase the return-on-investment by selecting the optimal areas to deploy
- you have a 'to-build' plan that is guaranteed to be the cheapest layout based on your design rules

More information on our FTTH Planning software can be found here.
You can always contact us for more information.


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