Press Release - Bentley and FiberPlanIT

Bentley offers highly accurate and complete network design, inventory management and GIS capabilities with Bentley Fiber, which is based on the desktop GIS product Bentley Map, in use with a large number of companies worldwide.

Comsof is the specialist in strategic planning and optimal network design based on its product FiberPlanIT that supports automated determination of optimized topologies for FTTx networks based on GIS data.

Bentley and Comsof have now joined forces to integrate their state-of-the-art solutions, to offer one environment for both network optimization and detailed engineering and construction. The integrated solution brings the simulation power of FiberPlanIT and the GIS capabilities of Bentley Fiber together seamlessly, enabling an iterative and highly efficient way of designing the network.

“The first practical case studies using FiberPlanIT have proven to deliver an even higher value for our customers than we anticipated, with an overall increase in efficiency of between 5% and 15%, simply by ensuring that strategic choices are made on solid grounds at the beginning of the project. But it is not only about identifying CAPEX and OPEX savings or finding ways to maximize revenues: the integration with Bentley has smoothed the process of managing the underlying GIS data. This enables our customers to simulate a wide variety of scenarios in very short time in order to find the overall best network design.”

Says Raf Meersman, CTO at Comsof (now CEO of Comsof).

“Using the integrated environment in an iterative way also results in serious savings in engineering time and ensures powerful flexibility in anticipating last minute changes in the environmental constraints”, says Frederik Boersma, Business Consultant at Bentley. “At the FTTH Conference in Lisbon the integrated solution from Comsof and Bentley will be demonstrated in public for the first time. People can come to the Bentley booth at anytime and experience live the benefits of this new environment.”

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