Complex cost modelling made clear and reliable

Comsof stopped the development of its Cost Modelling Software platform TelecomCostExpert.
The actual software version is working flawlessly and we ensure continued support to our existing customers (software usage as well as consultancy assignments).
Our cost modelling know-how also remains guaranteed and companies looking for cost modelling software or consultancy in this domain may still contact us. We or one of our dedicated partners will be able to support you.

Top-down cost models of network-based businesses are highly complex. Common software tools cannot handle these models. Comsof designed TelecomCostExpert specifically to ensure high performance of even the most complex cost models.
As a result, TelecomCostExpert empowers your decision-making and regulatory compliance processes. It provides you with all of the information you need to identify and justify costs, enabling you to improve your product portfolio, cost efficiency, and investment strategies.

All information can be found on the website of TelecomCostExpert - Cost Modelling for Telecom

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