The Challenge for IN.GE.NA

IN.GE.NA needed to create a masterplan (to-build plan) for several rural cities for the deployment of FTTH, taking into account existing infrastructure. IN.GE.NA started to perform this task manual, but it noticed that

  • The design process was very slow
  • It was difficult to minimize the deployment costs

They were looking for a more efficient solution and considered the FiberPlanIT tools.

The solution: FiberPlanIT Designer

IN.GE.NA purchased the FiberPlanIT Designer to design FTTx masterplans.
The result was clear: with high efficiency they generated these plans automated, with manual intervention to fine-tune the designs. After a first design was finished, a field-survey was performed to take into account local information. This field-survey information resulted in many small adjustments. FiberPlanIT easily takes this information as input, to recalculate a new version of the Masterplan.

“Before FiberPlanIT, we generated Masterplans by hand: this was time-consuming and error-prone. But most of all: it was a complex job. The introduction of FiberPlanIT changed this process for the better: we generate Masterplans much faster and more accurate than before. The automation and efficiency of the software really increased our job satisfaction, enabling us to focus only on problem-areas while the software takes control of the rest.”