FTTH Webinar: the basics


The FTTH Council Europe presents a webinar that will cover the basics of FTTH. This webinar is free to attend, but you need to register. If you need a refresh of FTTH terminology, then this webinar is probably a good start.

FTTH Planning Software


Comsof introduces FiberPlanIT, an FTTH Planning Software tool. FiberPlanIT calculates the optimal FTTH network roll-out based on the design rules you define and using your area of interest. The result of FiberPlanIT?


What is FTTx Planning?


The FTTH Council Europe has created an FTTH Handbook, written by many partners including Comsof. The third chapter is devoted to Network Planning, which gives you a good introduction to the different phases in FTTx Network Planning:
fttx network planning, detailed, high level, strategic

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