Costs for Obtaining the EU-2020 Broadband target in Germany


Raf Meersman, CEO of Comsof, presented the "Cost for obtaining the EU 2020 Broadband target in Germany" at the FTTH Council Conference in London, February 2013.
Below is an interview right after the presentation:

Project Team

Hartwig Tauber from FTTH Council Europe
Albert Grooten from Grooten FTTH Consultancy
Raf Meersman & Luc De Heyn from Comsof
Patrick Jung from Greenwich Consulting

FiberPlanIT Brochure


Attached below is the FiberPlanIT brochure, introducing the FiberPlanIT solution and how the tool can be used to assist you in strategic FTTx planning and detailed FTTx planning.

The FiberPlanIT tools are available as a "standalone software" and as "a service". If you are interested or you need more information, don't hesitate to contact us.

Workshop Presentation: Planning FTTH Networks


At the FTTH Council Conference in London, 2013, Comsof participated in a workshop regarding network planning. The following presentation gives a short overview of network planning and the associated challenges.

Keywords: business models, cherry picking based on costs and revenues, phased rollout, impact of policies, masterplan.

What is FTTx Planning?


The FTTH Council Europe has created an FTTH Handbook, written by many partners including Comsof. The third chapter is devoted to Network Planning, which gives you a good introduction to the different phases in FTTx Network Planning:
fttx network planning, detailed, high level, strategic

Press Release - Strategic Planning for FTTx Networks


Comsof has always been in the telecom sector, providing consultancy services for operators regarding the planning of networks. From that point of view, we needed a tool that could not only facilitate our work but also improve it at the same time. The idea was born, and the foundations of FiberPlanIT were developed.

Since the beginning of 2012, we also launched the tool as a standalone software. In these few years, more than 10 million homes have been planned for FTTx networks with the FiberPlanIT tool.

Attached is the original press release, showing where we come from.

Press Release - Bentley and FiberPlanIT


Bentley offers highly accurate and complete network design, inventory management and GIS capabilities with Bentley Fiber, which is based on the desktop GIS product Bentley Map, in use with a large number of companies worldwide.

Comsof is the specialist in strategic planning and optimal network design based on its product FiberPlanIT that supports automated determination of optimized topologies for FTTx networks based on GIS data.

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