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Case Study: Opportunities from a combined FTTx rollout


A phased broadband rollout

To increase broadband penetration and quality in area's with low penetration, there are many options to be considered, starting with the technology to choose: wireless (LTE, 4G, ...) or fixed (Fiber to the Business, Fiber to the Home, ...) or a combination of both. Starting with wireless broadband can be a good choice, since the total investment is typically lower compared to fixed broadband.

Assisting municipalities with their FTTH strategy


Typically, a municipality is not an expert in fibre networks. But they do have a lot of knowledge that needs to be taken into account when preparing a fibre future. Combining the knowledge of the municipality and the expertise of Comsof, we are able to guide the municipality towards a successful fibre future.

How much does it cost for Germany to obtain the EU broadband targets?


Comsof refined the predictions of the cost of 'Fiberizing Europe' on one specific country: Germany. Germany plays a special role in the EU: a huge population (80+M inhabitants), a large country, expensive labour costs, an ongoing discussion about vectoring, ...

What is the best FTTH design?


As an FTTx network planning company we receive this question more and more. A recent LinkedIn discussion made it clear that this question keeps people busy - around the world. In this post, I want to address the question:

Does the optimal FTTH design exists?

Yes and No.

FTTH Latin-America - Optimize your FTTx Planning


Comsof presented on April 25,2012 in the Marketing Panel on the FTTH Conference LatAm (Latin-America). The presentation describes the common pitfalls of FTTx network planning, based on practical experiences from Planning FTTx projects around the world. Avoiding these pitfalls will maximize your Return On Investments!

This presentation also contains the results of the new developed feature of the FiberPlanIT Simulator: optimizing your roll-out using geomarketing data.

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