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Comsof automated fiber and utility network planning

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Fiber Optic Network Plan and Design software

The world’s most used and trusted tool to automate and optimize fiber optic network plans & designs

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District Heating and Cooling Network Plan and Design Software

Automate & optimize the district heating and cooling network planning and design stages

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Smart Metering Network Plan and Design Software

Automate and optimize the smart metering network planning & design stages

Our Solutions


Fiber and utility network planning

Providing automated network planning and design software to help fiber and utility operators create the networks of the future.

  • Fiber network operators
  • District energy network operators
  • Electricity grid network operators
  • Consulting, design, and engineering firms

Fiber network design and operations

Providing regional and private fiber operators with an optimized and cost-effective network management solution.

  • Regional ISPs
  • Corporate and industrial
  • Municipalities and government
  • Transport and universities

Enterprise network management

Providing telecom and utility operators with a flexible enterprise solution that supports the entire network lifecycle.

  • Telecom networks​ - Fiber, 5G, and legacy
  • Electrical networks​ - Distribution and transmission
  • Gas & water networks​ - Distribution and transmission

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