Smart Metering Network

Comsof Smart Grids Smart Metering Network Planning and Design Software

Comsof Smartgrids

The Comsof Smart Grids Value

  • Daily support for network design engineers
  • Design process automation and design time reduction
  • Uniform and optimized design outputs based on given input criteria
  • Multiple scenario and network deployment cost comparison

Comparing Network Design Solutions

Creating smart meter communication network designs has changed. Before Comsof Smart Grids, planners and
designers needed to make manual designs and use Excel files for cost calculation. These techniques are
error-prone and take a long time. Comsof Smart Grids helps planners and designers to work more quickly
and accurately. Resulting in huge time savings and an optimized and efficient network.

Speed Accuracy Cost
Logo Check Fastest Check Optimized Check Minimal manhours
Check Faster Check More accuracy Cross Less manual work
Manual design Cross Slow Cross Error-prone Cross Many manhours